Update for Anka

Update for Anka

Hello my friends,

People are wondering why I’m still confined to a pen since I no longer have a urinary tract infection. A weaker, less confident cat would feel shame from the honest answer. But I am a strong and confident boy, and I feel no shame in confessing my desire to obliterate every furry four-legged creature I see.

I am a modern-day Jekyll and Hyde: sweet as Turkish Delight candy with my humans and a nasty Ultimate Fighter around other cats. On one unfortunate occasion, Walter jumped into my area to check it out. Before you could say … well, anything … I began to clobber Walter. For the record, despite his advanced age and frailty, Walter gave as good as he got. While I would clobber him all over again, I have much respect for him.

To help me get out my aggression in a harmless way, a kind visitor brought me a battery-operated toy that has a fake orange cat tail that waves around. Guess what? I clobbered that fake tail, too. At least I’m consistent! 😊

I am very happy in the big space I have in the lobby, where I can greet all the human visitors and get lots of love and attention. The kind Tabby’s Place staff still hold high hopes that I will one day have free run of the lobby. They are considering different behavioral medications at this point. Wish us luck, please.

I hope you have a very happy and love-filled Valentine’s Day. I am shooting little pink hearts to you as you read this to fill you with my love.