Update for Anka

Update for Anka

My dear, sweet friends,

You know that I am not a big fan of other cats. But there’s one cat for whom I’m very appreciative. Her name is Pixie . She is as beautiful as I am handsome and she, too, is paraplegic. I believe she is my American soul sister.

Until recently, Pixie had been the only cat at Tabby’s Place approved for outdoor stroller walks with volunteers. Before her stroller outings, lovely volunteers would occasionally take Pixie out for little picnics on the lawn. She loves the outdoors so much that our staff even built her a safe platform at a large window (with bird feeder strategically placed) to enjoy the view all day long.

Guess who else has been approved for outdoor stroller walks? ME! And I’m over the moon about it. Pixie and I had our first outing together recently. I want to personally thank the volunteer who donated the extra stroller so I could have my very own set of wheels.

Pixie was also the first Tabby’s Place cat to visit nursing home residents as part of our Aged to Purrfection program. It’s no surprise that she delighted all her new nursing home friends. I’ve been told that I’m being considered for this program, too. I hope I get selected (my paws are crossed). The staff is rightfully cautious because they’re unsure how I’ll react in an unfamiliar environment. Wish me luck! (And wish me impulse control, too.)

As you can see, Pixie is a little trail blazer. And this happy Turkish cat is honored to ride her long, beautiful, orange coat tails 😊.

Wishing you a beautiful spring day with lots of happy outings!

Your friend,