Update for Anka

Update for Anka

Mmmmm, chin rubs!

Dear Friends,

I am what they call in America a ‘Very Happy Camper.’ My health is good, my spirits are high and lots of what I call ‘Loving Happy Humans’ visit often and gush over me. As you well know by now, I love all the attention!

When people come to visit me, I get very excited. I cuddle up close to make it easier to pet me. I especially like chin rubs. Then, I beg for treats because … treats! And, lastly, I nap, because all the excitement makes me sleepy. Rinse and repeat.

Where are my treats?!

On the best of days – and we’ve had many of them this month – I go for stroller rides outside. Occasionally, when there are no cats in the Quinn’s Corner lobby, someone will let me loose to scoot around and check things out. I’m not sure if that’s legal, so let’s keep that between us. 😊

The weather has been glorious until the smoke from the wildfires in Canada reached Ringoes, New Jersey recently. This kept us indoors for almost a week.

Speaking of smoke, I’m told that our amazing donors smoked it for the Cherish the Kittens campaign, which brought in much-needed funds to help take care of our most fragile kittens and their nursing mamas. All you giant-hearted, special humans (my Loving Happy Humans) have done it again!

You always come through for us, whether it’s sponsoring a special needs kitty like me, visiting us, sending cat toys for the holidays, and/or donating to special campaigns. I am a Very Happy Camper indeed, and so incredibly touched by all your love and support.

By the way, if you enjoy stories about other adorable Tabby’s Place cats (though none so adorable as me), you may enjoy the Tabby’s Place blog, where I hear those types of stories are posted at least three times every week.

Lots of love,
(With help from your correspondent, Mary)