Update for Anka

Update for Anka

Merhaba (hello), my new American friends!

First, I want to thank you for becoming my sponsor. I have been in America only a short time, but already I can feel how much love you all can store in those big hearts of yours.

You have probably heard my story of how I was flown here to receive additional care after being hit by a car in the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. They tell me I am paraplegic. I say, so what? A life well lived does not require the use of back legs; it requires only that you use every available space in your heart.

I would love for you to come visit me, but I am currently under quarantine because I have ringworm. This to me is like a Turkish prison. What is a big, brave, handsome boy who just wants to be loved and noticed 24/7 to do? Break free, I say!

So I busted out of my big crate, then opened the crate of another little “prisoner” to set him free. (We kitties must stick together, you know.) Try to imagine the surprised look of the kind person who found us roaming around the room — all smiles and proud of our escape efforts.

When I was in Turkey, I never dreamed that I would find my way to New Jersey. (Cats in Istanbul have heard about Tabby’s Place, of course, but U.S. geography is not our strong suit.) Did you know that Turkey has one of the world’s oldest and biggest shopping malls? Oh, the synchronicity!

I have experienced such deep compassion and caring from people all over the world, it is probably no surprise that I have a major crush on every human I meet. You are part of a growing circle of kind-hearted people making sure I have the best chance at a great life. Thank you, a million times over, for your generosity. I look forward to sharing all my adventures with you.

With much love,