Update for Anka

Update for Anka

Hello my friends,

You certainly have long winters here in America, or at least it seems that way. Happily, by the time you’re reading this, Spring will have made a long-awaited appearance in New Jersey. Soon an abundance of flowers will follow. Did you know that Turkey is responsible for gifting tulips to the world? Though it’s not clear where the first tulips were grown, it was the Ottomans who made the flower popular and introduced them to Europe.

I have not yet earned parole from my “imprisonment” (for good reason, I might add), but my spacious luxury accommodations provide little incentive to change my ways. Just the sight of another cat, especially anywhere near my big, fancy space (and by near, I mean three feet away), brings out my sass. I hope my fellow lobby cats will continue to be patient with me; in my homeland we have a saying: “Sabır acıdır, meyvesi tatlıdır.” (Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.)

I’m so happy to be part of the Tabby’s Place Feline Enrichment Program, where volunteers make sure I get lots of extra love, play time and enrichment. I have been told I’m a favorite among the volunteers in the program. I play just like I love … with everything I’ve got. I think my wild, exuberant play with all kinds of toys is equally entertaining and enriching for my special human friends. While I play hard, I also sleep hard (my correspondent took pictures of me having sweet dreams).

Thank you for supporting me and loving me. I wish you a Spring season filled with tulips and lots of play time.

All my love,