Update for Anka

Update for Anka

My dearest friends,

I get to live in my own personal gated community. How lucky am I? My nice-sized gated community in the Tabby’s Place lobby is filled with loving items to keep me happy and occupied, including a snoopy stuffed animal, a teddy bear, interactive toys, stuffed toys, and even a patch of fake green grass! I feel so cared for and loved.

Here are some things that warm my heart: People, toys (today I’m really digging my stuffed, colorful bumble bee), people, food, people, naps … did I mention people?

Things I want to attack: all other cats, anything furry with legs, anything furry that tries to run from me, anything furry that tries to be nice to me … basically, anything furry that moves.

Poor Walter. I told you I already clobbered him once when he jumped into my space. Well, he thought he was safe walking outside of my gated area. As he was walking by, I grabbed him through the bars of my gate and would not let go until a staff member intervened. I may be disabled, but I am not disadvantaged. I am a big, strong Turkish boy.

As a result, the other lobby cats are taking a wide birth around my gated community. It looks like no amount of behavioral medication is going to calm my aggression toward the furry things I’d like to pounce on, bite, and generally clobber. Maybe if they all dressed like humans I would be okay.

You are my people, and I love you. Thank you for the continued outpouring of love and support. I’m sending you lots of kisses and big furry hugs.

Much love,