Update for Anastasia

Update for Anastasia

Greetings, Anastasia supporters!

If you have to be cooped up inside for the winter, what’s better than a birthday celebration with some fun girls?

That’s right, Ana and friends were all in attendance at a birthday party this month for a very lovely, cat-loving girl. The birthday girl — sister to a volunteer at Tabby’s Place — and about 5 of her friends were given a special tour with a staff member to see and pet all the wonderful kitties.

I was so excited when the girls came into Suite A to see Ana and her crew, as it was definitely a way I would’ve wanted to celebrate my birthday as a girl (or even now!).

During the visit, Ana was the princess of calm. Though she didn’t actively seek out the humans (when does she other than food time?) she curled up on a blanket and was eagerly purring when the girls gently pet her. The girls also had a great time playing around with some of the more active kitties like Hootz and Luke.

Speaking of Hootz and Luke — Ana has been putting up with them and the other boys of Suite A fairly well. As always, she’s happiest with her boy, Desi, who has also handled their move (from the Special Needs suite) delightfully.

On the health front, Ana’s weight has been steady with no additional loss, and she’s been doing well with her current meds.

In other news, Tony, the handsome orange and cream boy of Adoption Room 1, has been officially added to the roster of Special Needs cats to sponsor. I fell in love with him from the moment he plopped into my lap, and I’m happy that he’s receiving such wonderful support from donors like you!

Here’s to a Happy St. Patty’s Day from Ana O’Stasia and I!