Update for Anastasia

Update for Anastasia

Greetings, Anastasia Enthusiasts!

Love—though difficult to detect amid the hissing—is in the air in Suite A. That’s right, Anastasia and her compatriots (Desi, Hootz, Star, Venice, Skittles, and Drizzle) have moved from their former home in the Special Needs Suite to the larger Suite A so that all the kitties eating the hypoallergenic food can be together.

Fortunately, Ana has not staged a hunger strike, though she was a little ruffled by the situation at first. Ana had gotten quite comfortable in the Special Needs suite, but in her new place she has to get along with — or fight and hiss at — 12 cat roommates.

When I first went to visit Ana in her new home, I witnessed an alarming encounter between Ana and Mo — the big bully of Suite A. After I visited with all the kitties, I went to leave, and sensing this, Mo ran up to the door to squeeze out. Well, I talked to him and tried to get him to go back to his friends, but he was being quiet hostile.

I didn’t have to worry though, because Ana took care of the situation by belligerently pawing at Mo and causing a diversion — making it easy for me to slip through the door unnoticed.

What had gotten into Ana? Was she trying to playfully tease Mo like girls will sometimes do when they like a boy?


Ana has made it clear to her suitors that this Valentine’s Day there is only one furry man in her life: Desi. Rumor has it that our shy guy is one of Ana’s most fervent admirers and the two will be snuggling up all winter long — Valentine’s Day or not!

On the medical front, Ana’s weight is holding steady, so she can feel free to indulge in some holiday goodies. Also, the staff has started her on a new medication that is extremely helpful in treating her inflammatory bowel symptoms, and will also help her maintain a stable weight. This is great news for our girl, and I seem to notice an increase in her energy and mood, too!

Love, Kisses, and Purrs from Ana and the kitties in Suite A.