Update for Adelaide

Update for Adelaide

Happy April, Adelaide adorers.

It’s come to my attention that certain humans are expressing some unflattering observations of a certain calico. Believe it or not, I’ve heard the following statements:

“Adelaide is a terror!”

“She’s impossible with the other cats!”

“That Adelaide is a real piece of work!”

Ahem. She’s a masterpiece, as you know and I know. And if she feels the need to play Whack-A-Mole with all the other cats in her realm…well, that only adds to her charm.

Yeah, it’s fair to say I wouldn’t be an impartial juror in any case against Adelaide.

Not that there’s any serious case to be made; Addy’s impish antics are more comical than catastrophic, and our seven-pound superstar (yes, she’s hit the seven-pound mark) isn’t about to seriously injure anyone.

Including, of course, herself. I’m grateful to report that Adelaide continues to enjoy romping good health and unsinkable happiness this month. Age and kidney disease be danged; there is literally no medical news to report for amazing Addy.

Then again, age is just a number, and Adelaide is not keeping count. In a very real sense, Adelaide is the youngest cat in Suite FIV. I’ll explain.

Yes, we think Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants is only a few years old. Yes, Buddy is still young enough to watch Nickelodeon.* But it’s Adelaide, all fourteen years of her, who out-youths them all.

Walk into Suite FIV, and you’ll behold a bevy of beached walruses. Young though they may be, most of the cats will be in a semi-coma doze, stirring only gradually. Buddy and Wolfie and Mr. GFP and friends are not morning people.

Adelaide, however, is the feline equivalent of a quintuple espresso. Whatever the hour, whatever the circumstances, she’ll fly up to meet you, so full of energy that sparks practically shoot from her paws. She leaps, she runs, she meows with increasing volume until you hold her — and should you still resist, she’ll spring right from the floor to your shoulder.

She’s easily the “youngest” cat in the suite in all the ways that matter.

Dear sponsors, thank you for keeping our ageless Addy in such amazing health. Your generosity is the steady stream of support that helps us to do everything she needs, every day.

May you have a quintuple-espresso April of delight!

*Not that one ever truly outgrows this, of course.