Update for Adelaide

Update for Adelaide

Happy Presidents’ Day, Addy adorers.

All is well with the President/Czarina/Supreme Empress of Suite FIV. Our Adelaide is leaping her way through February, making Valentine’s Day out of every day, and securing a beachhead on every lap. It’s all love, all day, every day.

But a few short weeks ago, we weren’t loving Adelaide’s lot in life. Quite suddenly, our calico firecracker sighed down to an ember. One day, she was her high-flying, high-spirited self; the next, she was snuffling and snorkling and generally keeping away from all creatures.

Adelaide? Shy? Something was seriously wrong.

Quick work by our vet team unearthed good news, and slightly-less-good news: Addy had an upper respiratory infection (good, since treatable)…and her kidneys had taken a heckuva hit (less good, since scary).

We whisked Addy back to our in-house hospital for a short stint on heat support and IV fluids. By the grace of God and the beauty of good medical care, Adelaide’s aging kidneys bounced back…

…but her mood would meander slowly home to happiness.

Adelaide, as you know, is as happy as the day is long. Ten thousand clams, larks and other stereotypically-happy entities ain’t got nothin’ on our ball of sunshine. But this month, it’s as though unsinkable Addy had to remind us: I’m a mere mortal, too, ya know. I’m entitled to my moods. And I just don’t feel good. Sighhhhhhh….

Dear sponsors, rest assured that we cared for Addy’s low spirits as tenderly as her cranky kidneys. Special meals ’round the clock, oodles of gentle affection, and patient empathy were Adelaide’s as she inched back to health.

And today, all that inching is over. Gleeful Addy is back to zooming, zipping and frankly frolicking through life. The upper respiratory infection is toast, and life is like an eighty-gallon bowl of cherries.

Addy’s infection shouldn’t cause any long-term trouble. But, since we did have such a scare with her kidneys, we’re making some changes to keep our sweetie strong. Previously, Adelaide (and her suitemates) had been eating the diabetic-friendly diet Charlie requires. Alas, this particular food isn’t ideal for a skinny senior cat with early kidney disease. It wasn’t hurting Adelaide, but it certainly wasn’t doing her any favors.

And we’re all about doing Adelaide favors.

So now, Addy’s eating the breakfast — and midnight snack — of champions. The entire suite still has Charlie’s chow all day, but Adelaide has a morning meal of senior-diet food, garnished with a special supplement to support her kidneys. Overnight, our little love is crated with more of the same. In between, our staff and volunteers are more than happy to lavish Addy with treats. (If we should take our time in doing that, Addy is more than happy to help herself, as you can see in the above photo from her volunteer buddy Lynn.)

As far as Addy’s concerned, it all tastes like love.

Dear sponsors, thank you for making this perpetual Valentine’s Day possible for the coolest calico in history. Adelaide and I send you our love, thanks, and prayers for a beautiful February!