Sponsor Updates for TNR Fund

Update for the TNR Fund

Happy autumn, dear sponsors. OK, I’m technically jumping the gun a smidge, autumn beginning on 9/21 and all. But it’s “meterological autumn,” and I have a feeling you might be just as excited as I am for the season of sweaters and sweet coffee and snuggly weather. As in all seasons, we enter autumn all […]

Update for the TNR Fund

Happy July, Team TNR. I hope this update finds you flourishing like a lily in the sunshine. Thanks to you, that’s just what our TNR kitties have been up to. Last month‘s little wonders, Sunflower and her newborns Lucy and Desi (pictured here), are doing magnificently. Actually, that’s an understatement. Not only are they happy, […]

Update for TNR Fund

Happy near-autumn, dear ones. It’s been a month of musing on the meaning of friendship. Befriending feral cats can be a delicate matter. We communicate our love not so much through snuggles as through stability, less through hugs and kisses than through daily bread. Free-roaming, “true feral” cats don’t want our hands all over them; […]

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