Community/Feral Cat Resources

What are community cats?

Community cats, also called feral or free-roaming cats, are owner-less, outdoor cats who are often not well socialized to people.

What can I do to help community cats in my neighborhood?

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is widely accepted as the most effective and humane way to control and reduce populations of community cats. This process involves humanely trapping, sterilizing, vaccinating for rabies, and returning community cats to their outdoor homes, where they are cared for and monitored by conscientious caretakers.

Why TNR?

At the colony level, TNR improves the quality of life of each cat. Sterilization makes cats less inclined to fight and roam, which reduces the spread of disease and increases life expectancy. At the community level, TNR makes community cats better neighbors by reducing the occurrences of nuisance behaviors and the possibility of exposure to unvaccinated cats. TNR also saves communities money by decreasing the number of cats impounded by animal control or admitted to shelters.

How can I get started with TNR?