Some cats need mighty, powerful names that they can grow into. So it was with Vladimir.

When our marmalade marvel arrived at Tabby’s Place, there wasn’t much “mighty” about him. Emaciated and lethargic from starvation, with hard and blackened ear tips, tail tip and paws from frostbite, Vlad had seen the hard side of life on the streets of Brooklyn.

It was promptly decided that, if this little guy was going to survive, he’d need a name fit for a true survivor. And so the petite, bright-orange boy with the heart of a lamb got a name fitting a lion.

There was one thing quite powerful about Vladimir even as he hovered on death’s doorstep: his spirit. The veterinary team was astonished that, despite the agony he must feel in his paws and the angry gnaw of his empty belly, Vlad eagerly head-bonked them, purring and rolling to solicit affection all the way. No doubt about it, we were in the presence of greatness.

Vlad’s Brooklyn days left him with some formidable lingering battles. Having gone without food for an extended time left him with hepatic lipidosis, also known as fatty liver disease. This frightful condition can quickly turn fatal if not treated, and so Vlad was rushed to the emergency vet for placement of a feeding tube and an extended stay in the kitty ICU.


Remarkably, Vladimir lived up to his warrior name, swiftly dispatching his dangerous liver values and making a remarkable recovery. At the time of this introduction, he is still being fed through his feeding tube, but Vlad has also begun eating gamely on his own, and is gaining much-needed wait.

Other battles lie ahead for our rolly, rumbly-purred boy. The edges of Vladimir’s bright-orange ears have turned black and necrotized (died), and will soon fall off on their own. While his tail has healed marvelously, Vlad’s toes are another story. The veterinary team tenderly soaks and bathes Vladimir’s feet, encouraging the healing process of whichever toes can be saved. It is a waiting game as we monitor Vlad’s hind paws, which are now marked with a dark line between healthy, regrowing tissue and necrotizing areas. We wait to see whether Vladimir will need surgery to remove part of these rear paws, or possibly one or both entire paws. It is highly unusual to have both hind paws amputated, so we don’t yet know how Vlad would fare if that should become necessary. But, whatever this golden-hearted guy needs, we are delighted to give him – starting with all the belly rubs he craves.


Of the nearly-1,000 cats we have rescued at Tabby’s Place, Vladimir is undoubtedly one of the very sweetest we’ve ever met. His nature is one-of-a-kind wonderful, and it only takes about 4 seconds in your presence before he’ll roll (and roll and roll) and make his trademark chirrups and “funny Vlad sounds” for your amusement and affection. We are extremely optimistic that, once he has fully recovered, Vladimir will overflow a special adopter’s home with love. In the meantime, however, he faces costly medical battles to treat and save his precious paws, as well as ongoing nourishment through his feeding tube.

Vlad has been blessed to survive the worst winter can offer. Will you please be his special blessing by becoming his monthly sponsor?