As Tabby’s Place’s 1,000th cat, Twix has the beauty and personality deserving of regal fanfare. With her dainty build and girly chirps, Twix seems made for an all-pink room and a diamond-encrusted crystal bowl.

But Twix’s pre-Tabby’s Place travels were anything but royal. Wandering the streets of a dangerous inner city, this feline was out of luck. Twix was scooped up by a crowded public shelter. She tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), which put her on the fast track to euthanasia.

However, The municipal shelter that had picked up Twix was next on Tabby’s Place’s waiting list for FIV+ cats. When one of our FIV+ kitties at Tabby’s Place was adopted, we gave the shelter a call. They didn’t have to think twice: the fluffy little wonder’s life had just been saved. And so, this spring (2011), Twix became one of the sweetest Tabby’s Place cats in history.


So far, Twix has only met and won human hearts, but we’re hopeful she’ll get along famously with felines, too. Truth be told, we have a wee bit of concern in this area, as the folks from Twix’s former shelter report that she wasn’t always a fan of her own species. At the moment, Twix is still going through her quarantine period (the initial three-week introduction to Tabby’s Place), so she’s not yet been introduced to her future roommates in Suite FIV.


It’s hard to imagine she’ll be in her suite very long before stealing a lucky adopter’s heart. But, her speedy strut to adoption does face one special obstacle. As an FIV+ cat, Twix requires a bit of extra care and vigilance to remain healthy.

FIV suppresses a cat’s immune system, which means delicate Twix is a bit more susceptible than the average cat to colds and other illnesses. Keeping her environment squeaky-clean, feeding Twix a high-quality diet, and ensuring that she receives prompt and frequent veterinary attention should keep our little princess healthy.

Cats with FIV can live extremely long and healthy lives (Twix’s predecessor in our Suite FIV, Nickey, lived to 21) with attentive care. FIV is not transmissible to humans or any species other than cats, and then only through deep cat-to-cat bite wounds. Still, we realize that Twix’s forever family will require a very special and giving heart to walk with her through whatever her medical future may bring.