Baby Tashi was found living in a feral colony in Ohio in fall 2008.The volunteers tending the feral colony noted that he was exceptionally sweet, but also unable to walk or control his bladder.They knew that a paraplegic, incontinent tabby kitten wouldn’t survive long outdoors, or even in a traditional shelter.

Volunteers from rescue groups Cat Welfare of Ohio and Colony Cats contacted Best Friends Animal Society in Utah for help.While Best Friends’ own “Incontinental Suite” had no vacancies, Best Friends members offered high praise for Tabby’s Place.

With new hope that the paralyzed kitten’s future could be bright, the rescuers decided to name him Tashi, the Tibetan term for prosperity.Tashi’s journey would ultimately lead him over 400 miles east, to Ringoes, NJ.

To say that we are all smitten with this little fellow is a great understatement.Tashi spent his first hours at Tabby’s Place literally surrounded by adoring fans, stealing hearts as he played with toys and started up his deep rumble-purr each time he was cuddled. Even if he weren’t paraplegic, our Tashi would be one-of-a-kind wonderful. We are extremely grateful to have the skilled team and facilities required to give him everything he needs.

We’re also inspired by the fact that, from his earliest days, Tashi has had friends from all across the United States, bound together by love for this exceptional kitten. “Team Tashi” bonded on internet discussion forums and prayer boards, and we are thrilled by the privilege of caring for the little tabby at the heart of this vast network of love.Tashi1.jpg

Since Tashi is very young and exhibits some motility in his paralyzed rear legs, our vet has hope that, with rehabilitation and hydrotherapy, we may be able to partially restore his ability to walk.

Of course, we also hope that, someday, he will follow Bagheera’s path to a loving forever home. When Bagheeras was adopted, Jonathan (our Founder and Executive Director) said, “now I know that anything is possible.”Tashi2.jpg

Your generous sponsorship of our little Tashi will help us to keep doing our part in making amazing “anythings” possible in his life. Won’t you join the ever-growing “Team Tashi” and help us to care for our baby boy?