“TNR” usually means Trap-Neuter-Return. However, as we help feral cats, we occasionally come upon a feline so friendly we opt for Trap-Neuter-Resident — Tabby’s Place resident, that is. Sneaky is one such alumna of our TNR work.

So why, you may ask, is a friendly feline part of our socialization program? In making the move to the great indoors, sweet, shy Sneaky has taken two steps forward, and one step back. While our slinky grey girl was quite gregarious at first, she’s been a bit hesitant about settling into indoor life.


Still, that sweetness we saw in Sneaky was no mistake. If you see her pretty, pointy face in her cubby and begin petting her, she may cringe for a moment, but soon she’ll be purring and delighting at your touch. Still, she’s hesitant to approach us, and we need to seek her out in her safe “hidey-hole.” Fortunately, Sneaky is part of the Tabby’s Place socialization program, in which our trained volunteers are showing Sneaky just how sweet a life of love can be.


Playful and pretty, we know our Sneaky is a not-so-hidden gem, and we look forward to the day when she’s brave enough to show an adopter her true sparkle. We love her just as she is as we encourage her along on the road to fully trusting us. Would you show your love to Sneaky by supporting her on her journey? As her sponsor, you will help provide the food, safe haven, outstanding medical care, and patient love Sneaky needs to fully flourish.