The inevitable reaction from anyone seeing Sneakers for the first time is, “Whoa! That’s a lot of cat!” As you can see, Sneakers is quite a large fellow – and he’s also big on beauty and spirit. A marmalade boy with an especially cute face, Sneakers has been spectacularly loved during his 14 years. His caring owner was concerned about securing long-term care for Sneakers and her other two cats, Bandit and Onyx. In a continuation of the love she had shown these three cats for years, she signed up for our Guardian Angel Program, and the trio came to Tabby’s Place.

Of course, what we want most for Sneakers is for him to find a new “forever home” where he’ll be loved and doted on to his heart’s content. However, we realize that his medical needs and advanced age make that less than certain. Sneakers joins Mittens, Sammie, Amstel and others in our diabetic crew. Diabetes results when an animal’s pancreas is unable to produce adequate amounts of insulin, a hormone especially important for metabolizing carbohydrates. The primary signs of diabetes are increased drinking, increased urination, and weight loss. Left untreated, diabetes can be painful and even fatal.

Most diabetic cats will require insulin injections for life. Fortunately, these injections cause virtually no discomfort, and can enable him to live a long, full and happy life. Sneakers1.jpg

A rather majestic cat, Sneakers is dearly attached to Bandit, and the two are rarely apart. Still playful at 14, Sneakers has a feisty side. The patience of our staff is gradually bearing fruit as Sneakers comes to trust us. Given his special bond to his owner, we understand his hesitation to feel ‘at home’ in a new place. Sneakers2.jpg

It was the great hope of Sneakers’ owner that, at Tabby’s Place, he’d find the love and lavish care he deserves. By becoming his sponsor, you can be a critical part of bringing that hope to life.