“He’s beautiful!”
“He’s scary!”

Many are the reactions to magnificent Scooter, one of Tabby’s Place’s longest-time residents. Alas, even after 7+ years with us (as of 2014), Scooter’s reaction to most people remains the same: terrified.

Since coming to Tabby’s Place from a shelter, Scooter’s fears have run as wild as his fabulous long hair…when people are nearby, that is. Around cats, on the other hand, Scooter is a confident, debonair man. Our handsome boy utterly adores his own species, and can regularly be spotted sleeping at the center of a heap of happy felines.


Although he’ll hiss and flatten his ears menacingly when frightened, Scooter is really a sweet old soul. Rather than biting or scratching, he’s most likely to react to a threat by…well, relieving himself. (Our staff has learned this the hard way during Scooter’s monthly weigh-ins and nail-trimmings.) Scooter doesn’t mean any harm — he’s just scared.

We’ve seen glimpses of the love in Scooter’s soul. One of our longtime volunteers worked so closely with Scooter for so long that he was ultimately able to hold Scooter, and to pet him without risk of being scratched or pooped on.


Alas, when this brave volunteer left for college, we lost our Scooter whisperer. But we’ll never give up on teaching Scooter that love is worth the risk, and so our senior boy is now part of our formal volunteer socialization program. Scooter is paired up with patient volunteers who work closely with him on a consistent basis. Once again, Scooter is beginning to show progress with trusted friends.

We believe that, in his own way, Scooter truly knows he’s loved at Tabby’s Place. If you believe it’s not too late for dear Scooter, will you please show him your love as his sponsor? Your generosity will help provide the daily care and tender socialization he needs to thrive.