Ψ:Her name may be the symbol for psychology, but it doesn’t take an expert to see why Psi makes everyone go weak in the knees. This bundle of black fur is three pounds of adorable, affectionate joy.

Psi’s life started with a serious shortage of love. Born with spina bifida, Psi was abandoned by hermother in urban New Jersey. But the angels were on the little cat’s case, and Psi found her way to rescuers.

They loved the feisty kitten immediately, and shared her story far and wide on Facebook.

Love reached all the way to western Canada, where an extraordinary adopter dared to let Psi touch her heart. This remarkable woman had experience caring for paralyzed cats – including Tabby’s Place alumnus D’Artagnan – and her huge heart longed to rescue little Psi. Twenty four hundred miles later, Psi met her new “mom” in the frozen north.

Love waxed heroic as the adopter attended to Psi’s needs. Alas, love would not be enough to save Psi.

Despite her adopter’s efforts, the golden-eyed kitten’s condition was perilous. In addition to her short tail, incontinence and inability to walk, Psi’s congenital disease involves severe urogenital deformities, leaving her vulnerable to painful inflammation and life-threatening infections. Keeping the wiggly black kitten healthy and comfortable grew increasingly difficult.Love was faced with a choice of immeasurable pain.


Psi’s adopter made the brave decision to love Psi to the utmost, even as it broke the adopter’s ownheart. Her selfless love brought Psi all the way back to New Jersey, this time to Tabby’s Place.

Given our success caring for Dot, whose spina bifida was even more severe than Psi’s, we are confident that we can offer Psi a stellar chance at a happy, healthy life. Psi’s ongoing issues include an apparent bone spur in her right rear leg, for which she may require surgery. Additionally, we will gently express Psi’s bladder and colon twice daily. Outstanding medical care is healing Psi’s inflamed bottom, and her future holds a lovingly-crafted regimen of specialized treatment – and, most importantly, oodles of love and play.


Given Psi’s angelic face, fearless heart and love for cats and humans alike, we hope she’ll follow in thepawprints of D’Artagnan and Dot to a just-right forever home.

In the meantime, Psi is richly loved. Her first rescuers loved her enough to give her a chance; her amazing adopter loved her enough to bring her to Tabby’s Place; and, now, you can love her as her generous sponsor. Your monthly donation will help provide Psi with the specialized care, cage-free fun, and boundless love she deserves.