In 1996, the film “Independence Day” opened and became the biggest movie of the year. Celine Dion’s single “Because You Loved Me” knocked Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s “One Sweet Day” off the No. 1 spot. The New York Yankees won the World Series against the Atlanta Braves.

And Patches entered the world.For approximately 18 years, Patches lived in comfort and harmony with loving owners, happily nested midway down the Eastern seaboard. Life was lovely; Patches grew to old age.

Then: Upheaval. Disturbance. Life became forever different.

With hew owner suddenly no longer able to keep her, Patches was abruptly staring down homelessness, just a few months shy of her 19th birthday. Since elderly cats are generally considered “less adoptable,” the outlook was grim for the old girl. Her hips were not as strong as they once were. Her meows were no longer smooth, but raspy and rough. A happy life now seemed like a far-off miracle.


Of course, miracles are for real, especially at Tabby’s Place. Through a happy series of events, Patches made her way to Tabby’s Place. Given her tremendously advanced age and small, arthritic frame, it was highly unlikely that Patches would be adopted. But, our gentle girl clearly craved human affection. After some consideration, it was decided that Patches would flourish in the foster home of a devoted volunteer.


With her foster family, this sweet little girl receives constant care and companionship, along with medications to keep her in blissful comfort. Pain medication and anti-inflammatory agents ease Patches’ arthritis, while anti-thyroid medication treats her hyperthyroidism. Since Patches also has periodic tummy troubles, she receives an anti-nausea drug as needed. She makes regular return visits to Tabby’s Place for veterinary care and blood work.

We believe the best is still yet to come for our senior standout. Your support can help provide Patches with the medical care, supplies, and love she so tremendously deserves. We look forward to celebrating Patches 20th birthday – and beyond – with you.