Mr. Grey

Mr. Grey

There are cats, there are cool cats, and then there’s Mr. Grey. Consider him the smooth jazz of the feline world.

This lanky, laid-back, silvery boy is the epitome of mellow.When everykitty around him is flying high on catnip, Mr. Grey keeps his cool. It’s just not his style to roll around and show his belly – no, Mr. Grey will enjoy his catnip by osmosis, laying on a toy and slowly going into a trance-like state of cool euphoria.

And, amidst the daily feline soap opera that unfolds in the Tabby’s Place Community Room and Lobby, even the highest-strung neighbors don’t stress Mr. Grey. To be more accurate, nothing stresses Mr. Grey.

Like fellow Community Cat Mittens, Mr. Grey – also known as M.G. or just G – was once on diabetic death row. At age 13, our mellow boy was going to be euthanized for the “crime” of being diabetic.

But, through a series of very fortunate events, Mr. Grey eased his way to Tabby’s Place, where we all very promptly fell in love with his sweet, slow-motion ways.

Amazingly, Mr. Grey’s mellow attitude seems to be contagious, as his Community Room neighbors Hillary, Franny and Peachy (none of whom particularly adore other cats) have no problem with the new dude in town. But how could they? Mr. Grey is as easy as a blue sky and a soft-as-suede pair of favorite jeans. If he were a t-shirt, Mr. Grey would be one of those iconic “Life is Good” tees.

Mr. Grey1.jpg

Given Mr. Grey’s diabetes, it takes a bit of extra love and care to keep his life good. Since his arrival, his diabetes has been quite difficult to regulate, largely due to the fact that our grey boy is not a very hearty eater. To ensure that we’re doing the best by Mr. Grey, we test his blood glucose (BG) twice each day. Twice-daily insulin injections help to keep Mr. Grey’s BGs down, his health strong and his mood mellow.

Mr. Grey2.jpg

Mr. Grey is such a cool character that he’s already become a staff and volunteer favorite. We hope that, some day, a smitten family will make him their own. In the meantime, please help us to give Mr. Grey the good health and good life he deserves at Tabby’s Place.