Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants

Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants

He may have a ridiculous name, but Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants is serious…about loving you.

From the moment he arrived at Tabby’s Place, this long-haired love bug has been full of life. Alas, when we first met him, Mr. “GFP”” – or, more precisely, his foot – was also full of something sinister.

An alumnus of Tabby’s Place’s Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program, Mr. GFP was living happily outdoors until one dreadful day. Without warning, one of his paws was torn open and riddled with infection. Our colony caretakers rushed Mr. GFP to Tabby’s Place, where our vet team rushed to heal his wound.

We initially suspected that Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants had injured himself, perhaps on a tree. As he began to heal, however, our vet team realized his paw bore the signs of “pillow foot.”Technically called pododermatitis, this auto-immune disease causes a cat’s paw pads to become inflamed, swollen, and mushy. Although it’s not painful, the condition can make paws rather sensitive; a cat may even try not to walk on the affected paw(s). Those tender toes are highly susceptible to injury and ulceration, like Mr. GFP endured outdoors. Although we can’t be certain that Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants has this condition unless he has another flare-up, it seems most likely.


The great outdoors is not a great place for a “pillow-footed” cat, so Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants became a Tabby’s Place resident. Fortunately, about the same time, he decided that human beings are collectively his best friend. Although he initially came to us quite angry, Mr. GFP’s personality sweetened as swiftly as his paw healed. By the time his foot was fixed up, Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants was gushy and gaga for people – all people, all the time.

So why hasn’t this hunky, hairy, sweeter-than-cotton-candy cat been adopted? In addition to his funny foot, Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Although he can live a long, healthy life, FIV scares off many adopters. FIV is a non-fatal, lifelong condition contracted through deep bite wounds. Since the virus compromises a cat’s immune system, FIV+ cats like Mr. GFP are vulnerable to infection.


Still, we have a feeling the right adopter will be vulnerable to Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants’ colossal charms. Just a few minutes with this boy will make your heart go all fluffy. Until he finds his forever folks, you can help us to care for the seriously wonderful Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants.