No one who has met Mittens can ever forget this tabby boy.To catch Mittens’ golden gaze is to be his friend. As soon as he sees you, Mittens loves you — and wants to play! As a voracious fan of affection and a dynamo in pursuit of a feather wand, Mittens is every lovable feline trait rolled into one lanky tabby.

But to meet Mittens is also to meet one ‘famous’ feline: Mittens has the honor of being Tabby’s Place’s 500th cat rescued from a hopeless situation. “Hopeless” is indeed the appropriate term for Mittens’ circumstances prior to arriving at Tabby’s Place.Mittens’ diabetes made him an unwanted burden to his owner, who tossed the cat outside where poor Mittens suffered severe bite wounds. His owner noticed the injuries several weeks later and brought Mittens to the vet to be euthanized.

In light of Mittens’ age and strength, and a hope that he could bounce back from a life of neglect to thrive as a beloved pet, the veterinarian called Tabby’s Place. We were happy to be able to accept this sweet boy.Mittens1.jpgDiabetes results when an animal’s pancreas is unable to produce adequate amounts of insulin, a crucial hormone.Left untreated, diabetes can be painful and even fatal.Diabetes is most often treated by the administration of insulin, to replace that which the body isn’t producing.

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)describes a group of chronic gastrointestinal disorders, characterized by inflammation of the digestive tract.IBD is often controlled with steroids, but his diabetes makes this a risky option for Mittens.Instead we are trying to control the symptoms with a prescription diet.Mittens2.jpg

Today, Mittens is a happy, affectionate 9-year-old cat.Given his especially delightful personality we have hopes that he may find a forever home. But we know that this happy ending will require a special family, since Mittens has both IBD and diabetes. Until that wonderful adopter comes, you can be part of this story of a life saved by love. Your monthly sponsorship of Mittens helps Tabby’s Place to provide the continued care, medication, special diet and high level of monitoring he requires.

Mittens would not be alive and playing joyfully today if it weren’t for loving people who support Tabby’s Place. Won’t you help us to care for this spectacular cat?