When Maggie’s around, you know it.

There’s nothing small, shy or quiet about Tabby’s Place’s most bodacious tabby. Tipping the scales at17 pounds, with a planet-sized personality, Maggie is a force to be reckoned with – and she knows it.

Fortunately, reckoning with Maggie is a delight – most of the time. The big girl with the big attitudeis the first cat to greet you in Suite B. She’ll prance up to you, belly swaying, and weave figure-eightsaround your legs until you surrender to adoring her as she deserves. Even at 13+ years of age, Maggieretains a kittenish side, and she’s been known to rear up on her hind legs like a prairie dog when chasinga wand toy.

Toys, however, are not Maggie’s only prey. In what we can imagine is the sole reason she hasn’t beenadopted, Maggie can turn from feisty to ferocious in a flash. One moment, you’re petting her blissfully-purring face…and the next, you’re dripping blood, and not sure what hit you. We delicately warn visitorsthat, for all her friendliness, Maggie can be “nippy.” She has gotten much better about this in her yearsat Tabby’s Place – but her tendency to bite without provocation has kept adopters away so far.


Despite her short fuse and advanced age, Maggie has so many charms that we hold out hope forher adoption. Our big girl is truly enchanting and promises a barrel of laughs to all who have enoughpatience to love her. But, since Maggie has already waited 6+ years for adoption, we know it’s possibleshe will be at Tabby’s Place for the rest of her life.


Your sponsorship will help keep Maggie happy, healthy, purring and playing through her golden years.Please sponsor the great big cat with the great big heart.