Around mid 2005 we received a call from a local vet asking for help.A client had just brought in a 14 year-old diabetic cat and aksed to have him euthanized, stating that she no longer wanted to deal with the cat and his “problems”.

The vet knew Gordy was a gentle, sweet cat and did not want to put him down under these conditions.The vet begged the owner for a chance to find a home for Gordy and then called Tabby’s Place.We agreed to put Gordy on the waiting list, but explained that the vet would have to hold him for a few months, until a slot became available.The vet was happy to do this and, several months later, we were able to accept Gordy.Although Gordy is diabetic, he does not need insulin at this point in time (though he undoubtedly will in the future).So, once Gordy had cleared our three-week quarantine (our standard protocol for all new cats), we placed him in a suite.

We saw immediately, however, that Gordy was extremely shy.He spent most of his time hiding out in a covered litter box.We assumed he would eventually adjust and kept a close eye on him.

After two weeks, however, Gordy hadn’t improved.We were concerned for his health and upon weighing him, found he had lost several pounds since his admittance.Gordy1.jpgWe suspected that his timidity played a role in his weight loss, but we were also concerned about the fact that he seemed very frail for a 14 year old cat.Further blood work and tests showed that Gordy most likely has liver cancer.Given his frailty, we did not want to put him through invasive surgery and a difficult treatment.

We couldn’t put Gordy back into a suite with the other cats.Fortunately, a spot had opened up in our Executive Director’s office, since his former office-mate had been adopted.So, Gordy now shares an office with Jonathan (who is also our Founder).Gordy2.jpgGordy is doing very well given his multiple medical conditions.We monitor his glucose levels carefully, to see whether he needs insulin.He also gets subcutaneous fluids daily, as his kidney function is starting to deteroriate.Lastly, he gets regular blood work to check on his liver functions.

Gordy is a wonderful cat, but we know that his chances of adoption are very slim.Please sponsor Gordy and help us to care for him as he needs and deserves.