Most shelters are not in a position to hold onto FIV+ cats for very long, as these cats are not adopted often and shelters can’t afford to tie up cage space.The shelter that picked up Dusty as a stray was faced with this dilemma when he tested positive for FIV.

But Dusty was such a wonderful cat that they couldn’t bear to see him euthanized.They called Tabby’s Place and asked to have Dusty added to the FIV Waiting List, even though they knew the wait would be long.

Dusty waited just over a year for a spot to open up for him.We are very glad that the shelter held onto him as he is a sweetheart.An FIV+ cat has been infected with the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).This virus disables or destroys the white blood cells, and leaves the cat susceptible to infections. Once a cat is infected with FIV, the cat is infected for life and can transmit the virus if he or she bites another cat.

Our FIV+ cats have their own suite and we are extra-careful about disease control procedures in their suite. In addition, our FIV+ cats get frequent examinations from our veterinarians.Dusty1.jpgDusty is a very large cat.He is not overweight, just big, meaty and heavy.Despite his massive size, he is a big mush.He loves to play and to be petted and he is quite shy around the other cats.

Since Dusty is such a nice cat, we are hoping that he will be adopted at some point.But we know that his FIV+ status reduces his chances of adoption.

Meanwhile, we are very happy to have this big fellow at Tabby’s Place.Please sponsor Dusty and help us to care for him as he needs and deserves.Dusty2.jpg