If cats were cookies, tortoiseshell Dina would be a chocolate-peanut-butter dream. Friends who take the time to know her learn that Dina is sweeter than anything Reese’s ever dreamed up.

But “take the time” is the operative phrase, as dear Dina is exquisitely difficult to get to know. Rescued from a feral colony as an older kitten, Dina has never fully shaken her fear of humans. It’s often said that eight weeks of age is the critical marker past which it becomes very difficult to socialize a wild-born cat, and Dina bears this out.


Although our timid cookie is not yet a lap cat with everyone she meets, Dina has made major progress in her two years at Tabby’s Place. For the select few folks who have invested hours in socializing her, Dina will practically perform, prancing and rubbing and chirping with delight just to see them.


Given these sweet signs, we’re hopeful that Dina will continue to respond well to our gentle lessons in love. As part of the Tabby’s Place volunteer socialization program, Dina has special human friends who work with her each week, loving her in the ways she can best appreciate. With love and tenacity, we trust that Dina will ultimately show her total sweetness to more and more friends.

In the meantime, you can help cheer Dina on in her progress as her generous sponsor. Won’t you please love this cute cookie?