Gender Male
Breed DSH
Color Grey White
Markings Bicolor
Personality Friendly Timid
How I Feel About Children Not Comfortable
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Very Comfortable
Age 21 years


Desi is a funny dark-grey-and-white male. He has a face that makes him look surprised all the time. Desi is definitely on the timid side, yet he craves the company of people. Lie near him, and he’ll cuddle up next to you, purring loudly, doing his best to shove his nose under a pant leg or your arm. Along with having a great love for people, Desi also adores other felines.

Desi has mild heart disease. It’s HCM, but at present it’s so mild we’re not giving him medication for it. While this HCM might progress with time, it also might not; Desi could end up living as long as a cat without this condition. In addition, Desi has recently been diagnosed with early chronic kidney disease for which he requires fluid therapy. Desi’s teeth have been removed because his gums were severely allergic to the plaque on them, a condition called “stomatitis”. He’s on anti-inflammatory medication for this now. Because of all this, Desi is one of our Special Needs crew. We know this will make it harder to find a home for him, but he’s so affectionate with people we’re hoping someone out there will take him home.