Gender Male
Breed DSH
Color Grey
Markings Solid
Personality Friendly Outgoing
How I Feel About Children Very Comfortable
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Very Comfortable
Age 10 years


D’Artagnan may not wield a sword or engage in duels, but he’s as brave and plucky as his namesake. This little guy was found on the side of a road, the victim of blunt-force trauma to his left side. His pelvis was broken and his hind legs didn’t function at all; he also had a fractured left front leg. We think he had been on the side of the road for a week or so before he was found.

His left front leg has healed perfectly, but we can’t do anything to fix his hind legs, so he’ll remain a paraplegic for life. Because of this, he cannot urinate on his own, and his bladder must be expressed three times every day. He can defecate on his own with a little assistance. We also give him physical therapy three times daily, and any adopter will need to continue that for life.

D’Artagnan is a solid grey male. He is extremely playful and can be a bit of a trouble-maker, according to our Sanctuary Manager (D’Artagnan denies this, incidentally). With people, he’s invariably sweet and loves to cuddle.

We know that not everyone has the time to spend caring for a cat with such special needs. But we know, too, that there are people in this world willing to devote lots of time and energy to caring for a cat like D’Artagnan. He deserves a loving home and a bright future; it’s only a question of the right person walking through our doors. Could that be you?

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