When visitors first get a glimpse of Caesar, they are often heard to mutter, “Oh my. That cat is the size of a small pony.”Caesar is not overweight, but he is a truly HUGE cat.In fact, he is the largest cat we have had to date at Tabby’s Place.

But, despite his size, Caesar is one of the most laid-back cats we have ever known.It seems that nothing bothers him and he works hard to expend the minimum of energy necessary to get through each day.Caesar is a great cat and a perfect addition to the Special Needs Suite.Caesar’s owner died and the woman’s daughter took Caesar, knowing that her mother would want him to be cared for.But, Caesar was diabetic and the woman was having difficult time getting his blood glucose regulated on insulin.The costs were mounting and she simply didn’t have the time or money (or love of cats) to care for him properly.We felt this was a hopeless case and added Caesar to our waiting list, which tyopically means a weight of at least a few months.Caesar1.jpgCaesar’s spot on the list was approaching when we received a frantic call from the woman: Caesar had crashed and was at the vet’s office.The vet said Caesar would need extended hopsitalization if he was to survive and the woman couldn’t afford the cost.Since he was near the top of the list, we agreed to take Caesar if the woman would rush him directly to the emergency vet we use.

Caesar spent a week at the emergency vet and it was touch and go for him.But we were thrilled when Caesar was finally stable enough to come to Tabby’s Place.

Diabetes results when an animal’s pancreas is unable to produce adequate amounts of insulin, a hormone especially important for metabolizing carbohydrates.Left untreated, diabetes can be painful and, even, fatal.Diabetes is most often treated by the administration of insulin, to replace that which the body isn’t producing. Caesar2.gifCaesar’s blood glucose levels have, indeed, been very difficult to get under control.Our vet finally switched him to a new kind of insulin, that many vets are finally helpful in difficult cases.So far, Caesar has done well, but we need to monitor him carefully.

Caesar is a wonderful cat.If he weren’t diabetic, hw would be adopted quickly.But his diseases greatly lessens his chances of adoption.Please sponsor Caesar and help us to care for him.