Sweet Ben is about 8 years old and arrived with his sister Geri. The two were left behind by their family and survived outside for approximately five years in a parking lot of the building they once lived in.

Inevitably they ran into trouble – their feeder found Geri with her head a “bloody mess”.She must have been attacked by something and it was that event that ended their days as outside cats.Geri made a full recovery and over the months, they slowly came around for their feeder and rescuer.

Here at Tabby’s Place, that does not seem to be the case though. Ben hides in his litterbox or the closest, comfy basket. They have had a hard time adjusting so far, making Ben even harder to adopt out. He also has a few medical conditions making him quite a special kitty.

Ben is in chronic renal failure. At this time, all this requires is a special diet which he is pretty good about eating. Eventually, hydration therapy may also be necessary. When he came to Tabby’s Place it was discovered that he also has entropion. Entropion is an inward rolling of the eyelid edges. This causes his eyes to run a bit and he looks like he is squinting almost all the time. This condition is apparently quite rare in cats and Ben has it in both eyes. At this time, we are not pursuing corrective surgery, though he will mostly likely require it in the future.Ben1.jpg

Among the less serious issues is the benign cyst on the top of his head. It is just a “cosmetic” issue and will not be removed unless he is due for surgery for another more important factor. His mouth has been dealt with.

Ben is fed a special diet that helps mitigate his kidney disease.As kidney disease progresses, it ccan lead to nausea, dehydration and hypertension (high blood pressure).Since Ben is not currently a good candidate for regular medication, the diet is important for his healthBen2.jpg

Though Ben is shy still and suffers from several unique medical conditions, he is still quite loved and we have our fingers crossed that the purrfect home comes along for him. Please consider assisting us in caring for him by sponsoring him!