Bagheera was hit by a car in October of 2004.His owner brought him to their vet, where it was determined that his rear legs were paralyzed.Sometimes, this condition will reverse itself after a trauma, but in this case Bagheera was not so lucky.In addition, the nerves that control his bladder were damaged and Bagheera would need to have his bladder expressed by hand twice per day.

The owner, understandably, asked to have him euthanized.By this point, however, the vet and his staff had fallen in love with Bagheera and were anxious to find a way to save him.Because he has such a wonderful personality and is strong, they thought he might do well with a mobility cart.But, they needed to find a place that could devote the time and care he would need to live a quality life in his condition.They called Tabby’s Place and asked whether we might take him.

We knew caring for Bagheera would require a very high level of attention and care.But he clearly fit our criteria of cats in “hopeless situations”, so we put him on our waiting list and were able to accept him several months later.Bagheera1.jpgAs you can tell from the photos, Bagheera has taken very well to his custom-made mobility cart.He typically spends several hours a day in his cart and enjoys exploring outside.

While in his cart, he must be carefully monitored every second, as he retains the adventureness of a cat and can quickly get himself into a dangerous position.In addition, volunteers and employees take turns providing him with quality attention outside of his cart, typically brushing him on a couch in our lobby.Bagheera2.jpgBagheera requires an extraordinary amount of time and effort.In addition to the time spent monitoring him, he is on several medications that help mediate his bladder problems.The medications help decrease the amount of manual manipulation required to keep his bladder empty and reduce the likelihood of an infection (a constant concern in an incontinent cat).

Bagheera is a wonderful cat and we love having him with us.But we know that he will likely not be adopted.Please sponsor Bagheera and helps us to provide him with the care he needs and deserves.