Our grey girl’s appearance stops people first. What happened to her fur?, they often ask. Is she part possum? There’s no denying that Babs’ coat is quirky. Thin, rough and patchy, Babs’ fur is indeed almost possum-like.

Although some of this can be attributed to environmental allergies and advanced age (15 as of 2014), funny fur has always been a “Babs thing.” Indeed, we’ve had many years to observe this unique girl. Babs has been at Tabby’s Place for over 7 years, which makes her one of our “Forgotten Felines.”

That term, of course, only means that Babs has been with us for longer than the average feline. Truth be told, there’s nothing forgettable about her. Once they get past her unusual appearance, visitors are entranced by Babs’ unique personality. Ever since she first came to Tabby’s Place, Babs has had a charmingly affectionate side. In her sunnier moods, she’ll chirp and blurp, stretching her angular head skyward for you to pet her. But Babs’ stormy side can sweep in without much warning. Teeth, claws and growls may not be the best way to make friends and influence people, but Babs has never been one to play to the crowd. She is who she is, and we love her for all her quirks.


As she entered her golden years, Babs moved into our Community Room. This gives Babs all-day access to human affection, if she’s in the mood. She’s proven a surprisingly sweet “Grandma” to the many kittens we socialize in the Community Room. Babs is also still fond of playtime, and will bound after wand toys with the verve of a much younger cat. This is all despite the fact that Babs’ own health is a bit fragile due to kidney disease, for which she receives subcutaneous fluids.


Sadly, Babs has not yet found an adopter who will love her for all her idiosyncrasies. We realize this means that we at Tabby’s Place will likely be her forever family. We are honored to adore her for all of her days.

You can join Babs’ family by sponsoring her. Please open your heart to our one-of-a-kind-wonderful old girl.