Allison is a sweet and gentle cat, pretty and petite, with a quiet personality. She is content to sit and be your companion.

Allison was initially found as a stray, enduring the elements and trying to survive. Outdoor life is difficult enough; as a senior feline with major health issues, it must have been almost impossible for Allison.

Our little grey-and-white girl currently enjoys supervising the staff from her basket on our Sanctuary Operations Manager’s desk. Allison has such a plum spot in our sanctuary because we adore her, but also so we can keep a close eye on our sweet survivor. Allison has a mast cell tumor in her intestines. Sadly, Allison’s cancer is both aggressive and inoperable. However, she has already outlived – by far – the expectations of the doctors who diagnosed her many months ago, and she continues to enjoy life and affection here at Tabby’s Place.


Although we hope that an especially wonderful family may offer her a forever home, we know it’s likely Allison has found her forever home at Tabby’s Place. We’re grateful for the privilege of being Allison’s family, and we are committed to giving her all the extra care she needs to flourish. Presently, we are treating Allison with steroid medication, to decrease inflammation due to her cancer, as well as an appetite stimulant and antacid to keep her tummy comfortable and her weight stable. Daily subcutaneous fluids help Allison to stay hydrated and comfortable, while anti-seizure medication helps prevent the “mini-seizures” she sometimes experiences (likely also due to her cancer).


It takes a very special heart to care for a sweetie like Allison. If she’s touched your heart as much as she has ours, would you please join her family as her sponsor? Your generous love will help give our dainty girl the care, love and respect she deserves.