You walk into the Weight Management Suite at Tabby’s Place. You gently sit down. Suddenly, a massive, mighty meteor of black fur whooshes your way. In an instant, your lap is occupied by twenty-four pounds of purring cat. Congratulations: you’ve just experienced a Mac Attack.

Macaroon – “Mac” or “Big Mac” to her friends – is one of the most hilarious, affectionate, irresistible cats we’ve met. All twenty-four pounds of Mac exude exuberance and love, and she’s guaranteed to have you belly-laughing within minutes of meeting her. Equal parts comedian and confidante, Macaroon does everything on a grand scale. If she’s a cookie, she’s one of those dinner plate-sized specials from a Brooklyn diner.

But when we first met Macaroon, she was a bite-sized baby biscuit. Just days old, little Mac came to us as an orphan in 2011. Out of an ailing litter of four, Macaroon would be the sole survivor. But that sadness was soon swallowed up in joy, as Mac was adopted by a wonderful man. He adored her completely, and Macaroon was devoted to him. If ever a family was meant to be, this was it.

Then everything changed.

Macaroon’s loving dad developed a respiratory condition so severe, he could no longer breathe in her presence. He would have gone to the ends of the earth to find a way to keep his beloved Mac, but nothing eased his symptoms. With a broken heart, he returned Macaroon to us and pledged to visit often – a promise he’s kept all along.

Heartbroken for both Mac and her dad, we welcomed our now-colossal cookie back, keeping the promise, “once a Tabby’s Place cat, always a Tabby’s Place cat.” Sweeter and sassier than ever, Mac wasted no time muscling her way into every lap (and smacking other cats as needed).