TNR Fund

As a haven for cats from hopeless situations, Tabby’s Place has spent a decade rescuing felines from shelters where they were scheduled to be euthanized. We are now extending our embrace to some of our neediest neighbors: feral cats.

These undomesticated felines linger around the edges of human contact, sharing our neighborhoods quietly. Scrabbling together a life for themselves without the benefit of veterinary attention, these independent and courageous cats need our compassion. Now you have the opportunity to show them love in the way they need it most: life-changing medical care.

Tabby’s Place is engaged in an ongoing project of targeted Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) on behalf of feral cats. Widely recognized by cat lovers and researchers as the most humane and effective way to manage feral cat populations, TNR involves safely trapping; spaying or neutering; and re-releasing feral kitties into safe locations, or “colonies,” where they will receive faithful long-term monitoring, feeding and care. In addition to preventing their numbers from skyrocketing, this comprehensive program gives feral cats longer, healthier lives, graced by the love of humans who respect them in all their wildness.

Tabby’s Place takes standard TNR further, by also providing outstanding medical care to each cat. In addition to being unaltered, many feral cats suffer from advanced dental disease that has gone untreated in the wild, as well as wounds from run-ins with other cats or wildlife. It is not uncommon for the Tabby’s Place veterinary team to devote several hours to performing a thorough dental cleaning and extractions on a feral cat, thereby saving her from years of silent suffering. Likewise, a feral cat who comes to us with an abscess from bite wounds need not face the prospect of infection and agony after her time at Tabby’s Place. Our veterinary team provides extensive care for feral cats with such injuries, including drains, flushes, sutures, antibiotics, pain management, and extended stays at Tabby’s Place as they recover. This comprehensive care enables our feral friends to return to their colonies in the best health of their lives, free of pain and ready to flourish.

In addition to healing all that ails them – and saving them from years of silent suffering – we microchip and eartip all the feral cats we help, making it possible to give them the long-term monitoring and vigilant care they deserve

Although feral cats shrink back from human touch, there’s no mistaking their gratitude when we give them our love in a way they can receive it. Your sponsorship of the feral cats in Tabby’s Place’s TNR program will extend your compassion to the neediest cats in your community.

Your donation will go where it’s most needed, ensuring we can provide for all of our cats.