When you know you’re loved, you have a melody in your heart.

When you’re Josie, you get the whole world singing in harmony.

With apologies to the bandleader of Josie & the Pussycats, Tabby’s Place is home to the world’s most musical Josie. A rhapsody in silver and white, our long-legged lyric is as sweet as a lullaby and as sunny as a showtune.

Josie’s melody is no mystery. Her life was a love song from an adoring orchestra. Josie’s “mom” was so devoted to her little songbird, she had patience for Josie’s out-of-tune litterbox habits and persistent skin sensitivities.

But when Josie’s person passed away, the whole world lost its rhythm. Elderly and aching, the well-loved cat was suddenly an orphan.

Josie skin prickled with sorrow and soon her beautiful gray and white fur coat was patchy with bald spots. With a disheveled fur coat and inconsistent litter box habits, Josie had little hope at an ordinary shelter or rescue group. Few things cause adopters to clap their hands over their ears faster than “inappropriate elimination.”

But there’s nothing ordinary about Tabby’s Place…and we had a seat in our symphony for one sweet, silvery girl. Josie’s extended family selflessly provided for her to join our merry band.

At Tabby’s Place, Special Needs cats are music to our ears. Although it’s our pleasure to provide for Josie’s medical and behavioral needs, we know the truth: we’re the lucky ones, as Josie lavishes us with love.

We’re honored to join her adoring chorus, treating Josie with medications for her skin sensitivities, feeding her a prescription diet with limited ingredients, and diligently maintaining a clean, comforting environment despite her litter box issues.

Thriving to the beat of devoted hearts, Josie grows in grace and confidence, eager to make music for everyone she meets. She is such a darling, we’re hopeful the right adopter may yet sing her name.

But in the meantime, Josie needs a band of devoted sponsors. Your monthly donation will help ensure that Josie’s golden years ring with love’s strong song. Will you join Josie’s choir today?