Tell us your definition of “victory,” and we’ll tell you who you are.

For a tabby cat with one good eye, the word means one thing: “love.”

Scrabbling through the woods, Viktor wasn’t the typical picture of triumph. With a painfully infected eye, a bellowing empty belly, and a loneliness as tall as the trees, it took all his valor just to survive.

But victory was calling.

Victory first visited Viktor in the form of a female cat. Vixen took pity on her fellow stray, inviting him to the house where she found food each night. Her love saved his life for the first time.

Vixen’s kindly caregivers realized that Viktor needed more than a good meal. His eye was in agony, and his studly stripes couldn’t hide that he was a sick boy. The family earned his trust, and it took no time for Viktor to translate “love” into “victory.” Before long, he was baring his belly for rubs.

Through a happy series of circumstances, Viktor vaulted to the place where hope triumphs, and the wobbliest, weariest wanderers are winners: Tabby’s Place.

Viktor received a hero’s welcome at Tabby’s Place, where we tended to his needs in order of urgency. His infected eye was too far gone to save, and removing it freed him from pain. Besides, who needs two eyes when you can see so clearly with your huge heart?

Next, we determined that Viktor had diabetes. Our vet team meticulously evaluated his blood glucose levels, setting a treatment plan and proper insulin dose. Like a miracle, the insulin gave Viktor back his vim and vigor. We shudder to imagine how long he’d been feeling half-alive…but we shimmy with joy to see him savoring life to the fullest now.

Today, valiant Viktor’s only dilemma these days is whether he loves cats or people more!

Among his many championship titles at Tabby’s Place is Most Mooshable Belly, and he’ll show his spots and stripes for friends new and old. As for fellow felines, Viktor exults in head-bonks, winning friends everywhere he turns. He’s seen love conquer the darkness, and he’s eager to light everyone’s path to victory, no exceptions.

It’s a winning move he learned from Vixen. Sadly, Vixen died of cancer shortly after leading Viktor to love. But her legacy triumphs every time we care for her best friend.

We believe a day will come when our champ tastes the victory of a forever home. But diabetes, one of the costliest conditions in the feline world, is understandably daunting to most adopters. Add in chronic diarrhea and some stubborn upper respiratory issues, and we know Viktor will need a uniquely winning family to take him home.

We’re honored to be Viktor’s family for as long as he needs us, but we need your help. Will you give him a gold medal by giving him your heart? Your monthly donation will provide dear Viktor with insulin, a prescription diet, and tender daily care.

If you define “victory” as “love,” we know who you are: you’re Viktor’s kind of human, which makes you a true champion!