They don’t call her “Wacky Jackie” for nothing.

From the day she arrived at Tabby’s Place over six years ago, Jackie has been what you’d call “a character.” With enormous glass-green eyes and a mostly-white coat, she’s undeniably stunning. With a fiery temper and a sharp set of teeth she’s not afraid to use, she’s also undeniably … well, wacky.

But a funny thing has happened along the way to Jackie’s senior years. At some point, Jackie decided that she adores people. Walk into her suite, and she’ll trot up to meet you immediately. The entire time you stay, Jackie will purr and rub your legs with all her strength, happy just to be in your presence. Whether she knows you well or it’s your first visit, Jackie is very, very glad to see you.

Just be careful — she’s also still very, very wacky.

Jackie will rub your legs happily all day, but if you take that as an invitation to pet her, you’ll find yourself on the wrong end of those wacky teeth. We’ve learned that Jackie does best when we let her “pet” us by rubbing, and don’t attempt to return the favor. When touched by human hands, Jackie will bite almost immediately. When left to her own devices, though, she’s as sweet as a daisy and as affectionate as a Care Bear, just rubbing and rubbing and rubbing.

This has made for some tense moments when Girl Scout troops or elderly folks visit Tabby’s Place. We’ve learned to warn such well-meaning visitors, before they enter Suite B: “Just be sure not to touch the big, white cat who rubs your legs. She’ll love you … but she’ll bite you.”

Oh, yes: this is a big white cat. That’s the other funny thing that’s happened during Jackie’s extended stay at Tabby’s Place; she’s become enormous. Slim and sleek when she first arrived, Jackie has become one of our largest cats. After a series of failed diets left her grumpy and depressed, Jackie now maintains a large-and-in-charge weight of around 18 pounds. It’s all somehow fitting for this wacky, wonderful girl.