With tufts of wispy white and grey hair and a stride that shouts “attitude and confidence,” Hobo makes quite a strong first impression. Hobo is no ordinary older gentleman. If you’ve ever visited our Lobby (either virtually or in-person), you may have met this particularly handsome, and a little bit scruffy, medium-haired cat.

Hobo’s personality and charm are difficult to resist. While he has his moods and sometimes wants nothing more than to take a nap in peace, he’s not afraid to ask for attention when he wants it. He will walk right up to you and stand at your feet, waiting for you to offer him some chin scratches. If he’s in a needy mood, he might even decide to hop on up and give you an arm tap, asking for attention!

Don’t let Hobo’s age make you think this boy doesn’t still have a spring in his step! He has been known to let any of the other mischievous cats in the Lobby know he’s not to be bothered with a growl and a bap to the face.

He is also obsessed with all things water! Every morning, Hobo loves to assist with cleaning, and by that we mean check at all the carts and supplies in search of fresh kibble and water buckets. He has been caught sticking his head into watering cans and even checking out a bucket of dirty mop water. Hobo just absolutely loves anything wet.

Hobo is the embodiment of a Tabby’s Place cat. When he was a youngster, Hobo (and his brother Simon, a Tabby’s Place alum) lived with an older gentleman who loved and spoiled these brothers. However, as the boys got older, so did their person, and eventually Simon and Hobo were surrendered to a shelter when their human became ill.

As Special Needs cats, both boys required special daily care. Simon was a diabetic and was transferred to Tabby’s Place, while Hobo remained at the other shelter. Hobo’s health began to decline, but New Jersey was in a state lock down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When Tabby’s Place’s cat intakes resumed, Hobo made his way to us, and we began to evaluate his health in greater detail and provide the treatment he needs to thrive.

Hobo has several health conditions: hyperthyroidism, cardiac issues, chronic herpes (which makes his eyes runny), and lymphoma. Accordingly, he requires a variety of medications and daily subcutaneous fluids.

While he’s not always a fan of taking his medicines and will run away as soon as he sees a staff member walking towards him in the morning and evening hours, Hobo’s still a good boy. He just gets a little grumpy about swallowing all his pills.

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