You need only watch Scoots for an instant to understand how she got her name.

At a mere three weeks of age, Scoots was attacked by a dog. The injured kitten was surrendered to a vet for euthanasia, but all was not lost. The veterinarian was so inspired by Scoots’s fighting spirit that she decided to rescue and treat her at her own expense. Scoots recovered from the attack, but she lost the use of her hind end.

But a paralyzed kitten is still a kitten, and little Scoots is full of energy. Her Good Samaritan recognized that Scoots craved companionship and playtime that she could not provide at the level Scoots deserved. She reached out to Tabby’s Place, and we were happy to open our hearts to the little girl.

Scoots is petite in size, but grand in spirit. She is wisely cautious of the unknown, yet intensely curious. Her small squeaks of greeting belie her projecting purrs that commence with the slightest touch or gentle words from a familiar voice. And if by chance that isn’t enough, Scoots has endearing “Bambi” eyes that are sure to pull at your heart-strings.  

Watching Scoots chase a toy, you might think she cruises on wheels. She even “spins out” when making tight turns. Her front legs scamper, and her back end follows. She is particularly fond of small poof balls that she can launch and pursue at lightning speed.

Because Scoots is paralyzed, she needs to have her bladder expressed by hand three times a day. We also bathe her at least once a week, to help keep her clean and comfortable.

While we understand that finding a forever home for Scoots will not be easy, we have adopted paralyzed kitties before. Until Scoots’s family comes along, Tabby’s Place is overjoyed to provide all the love and playtime Scoots requests with those big, beautiful eyes.

If Scoots has captured your heart, as she has ours, join her family as a devoted sponsor.