He looks like a magical mop. He acts like he just landed on this planet. He’s Jonathan — and we’re smitten.

Our tiny Persian’s past was anything but adorable. By the time Animal Control rescued Jonathan, he’d endured a long season of neglect, leaving him under-nourished, with his fluffy peach-and-white coat severely matted. But the greatest hurdle was yet ahead for the squishy-faced sweetheart.

Frail and elderly, Jonathan was afflicted with polycystic kidney disease, a condition common among Persian cats. This serious disease, caused by a genetic anomaly, involves liquid-filled sacs multiplying in a cat’s kidneys. The condition can become fatal, as the sacs overwhelm normal kidney tissue and cause renal failure. To make matters worse, Jonathan also suffers from arthritis and chronic nausea and vomiting.

Between his age and his afflictions, Jonathan faced a frightful mystery: who would possibly take him in?

The answer: Tabby’s Place. As a sanctuary for cats from hopeless situations, we welcome courageous kitties like Jonathan regardless of age and most medical conditions.

Undaunted by his issues, we embraced this quirky cutie into our family with open arms. Today, Jonathan is the smallest and giddiest cat in the Tabby’s Place lobby. When he’s not puzzling over the cat fountain (a mystery he finds endlessly fascinating), he savors a ceaseless smorgasbord of snacks, nourishing food, and affection from the many (many) humans who can’t stop hugging him. Fortunately, Jonathan has an infinite hunger for hugs.

Our five-pound phenomenon may be a bit confused (how does that dang fountain work, anyway?), but don’t let his perpetually-dripping beard mislead you: Jonathan knows some things for certain. He’s found unconditional love and acceptance at last, plus all the tender care he needs.

We’re hopeful that a wonderful person or family will fall in love with Jonathan and adopt him. But, we realize his daunting disease makes this less than likely. Tabby’s Place is committed to giving Jonathan all the care he needs to thrive, regardless of cost, for all the days of his life.

You can help this marvelous mop of a cat to flourish by becoming his sponsor. Your generous monthly gift will help to provide fluid therapy, medication, and vigilant monitoring of Jonathan’s kidney disease. Please open your heart to this little love-bug. Despite his sad past, Jonathan’s future can be a joy thanks to sponsors like you.