Sherbet was found wandering around in the front yard of a house belonging to a parent of one of our employees. No one in the neighborhood claimed ownership or wanted her, so she came to Tabby’s Place.

She was a sweet older gal, and we were happy to welcome her to the family. To our dismay, she turned out to be FIV+. The FIV+ Suite was a little crowded at that time, and Sherbet was obviously gentle, so we moved her into the Executive Director’s office.

Once we place a cat in upscale accommodations, it is hard to “bump them back to coach.” So, Sherbet is now a permanent resident of the boss’ office.

“Sherbs” is a good office mate, and Jonathan (the Executive Director) makes sure to give her plenty of on-on-one time.

That’s especially fortunate for Sherbet, given her laundry list of Special Needs. In addition to FIV, Sherbet has severe arthritis. We treat her with two medications, and Jonathan closely monitors Sherbet for any signs of pain.

Sherbet has also battled a cancerous tumor near her eye, which was surgically removed. This, too, benefits from close monitoring for recurrence.

As she has aged, Sherbs has developed a tendency towards diarrhea. We help to keep her comfortable and “regular” with a prescription diet and an antibiotic.

Finally, Sherbet is on our regular grooming list, as her age and arthritis make it difficult to keep herself clean and comfortable.

This marmalade marvel needs more care than the average cat. But we’re delighted to have Sherbet in the Tabby’s Place family, and it’s an honor to care for such a wonderful girl.

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