If you have been lucky enough to be loved by a tortie, you know: their affection is as beautiful as their enigmatic markings. Tortoiseshell cats are friendly, fun, and feisty – a combination often referred to as “tortitude” – and especially resilient in the face of adversity. Simply put, a tortie never gives up.

Zencada is the epitome of a tortoiseshell cat. Bright-eyed and kind, our girl is just a little bit feisty. You could say she really owns her tortitude, as she struts around Tabby’s Place Weight Management Suite. She loves people, so it’s hard to imagine how she found herself homeless in the first place.

Zencada came to Tabby’s Place from a crowded shelter. As a diabetic cat, Zencada’s needs for daily insulin and blood glucose testing strained the shelter’s limited budget. The beautiful cat was running out of time. However, Zencada never gave up hope.

Through a fortunate series of circumstances, Zencada made the journey to Tabby’s Place. Since Tabby’s Place promises each cat that we will give her all she needs to thrive, regardless of cost, Zencada no longer needed to fear the ticking clock or the cost of insulin.