What is not to love about the most handsome little man in the world? Buddy and his sister, JuJu, arrived at Tabby’s Place from a public shelter in the spring of 2013. While there is no obvious connection between the two physically, they both have feline immunodeficiency virus, better known as FIV. This virus disables or destroys a cat’s white blood cells, leaving him more susceptible to infections than the average feline. Once a cat is infected with FIV, he’ll have the virus for life. FIV is most commonly transmitted through bites, and it’s much more common in male cats. Buddy contracted the virus at some point while living outdoors.

Like sister JuJu, Buddy was initially very reticent to engage with humans. He began his life at Tabby’s hiding in corners and in the tube between the FIV suite and its outdoor solarium. But, with time, dear Buddy, with his gorgeous nearly white face and exquisite gray markings, began to acclimate and come out of his shell. Buddy gradually moved out of the corners, where very patient and slow-moving volunteers and staff could gaze into his stunning green eyes.

It turns out Buddy isn’t terminally shy — just very careful about bestowing his attention and permitting affection. Buddy has become comfortable and secure enough to let certain ardent admirers pet him in abundance. He’ll even offer an occasional roll-over to share his pristinely perfect white belly.

In his heart, Buddy is a total lover kitty. While he is enjoying life in our mellow FIV suite, even engaging his suite mates (he loves to head-butt with Newman), we know Buddy could be the love of someone’s life. He will take some time to acclimate to a new person, and our lover boy needs the right combination of patience and adoration.