Newman is a playful, fun-loving, joyful boy. Yes, he happens to have feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), a liver shunt, and nasal lymphoma. But don’t tell him there’s anything wrong — he’s in love with life, and, whoever you are, within a few minutes of meeting you, he’s smitten with you, too.

Newman came to Tabby’s Place in 2011 from a shelter, where his FIV+ status put him at risk of euthanasia. It’s likely that, at some point, Newman was fending for himself outside, because he has numerous scars from fighting, including a crumpled ear. His ear isn’t any trouble now, though; in fact, it gives him an endearing, lopsided look.

A more lasting remnant of his time outside is FIV, which Newman likely contracted from a bite wound in a fight. FIV compromises a cat’s immune system by disabling or destroying white blood cells; a cat with FIV is more vulnerable to infection than a cat without the virus. But, Newman is living proof that FIV+ cats can live long, healthy lives.

You’d never guess it from his sunny spirit and selfless sweetness (this is a cat who lives to bring joy), but Newman has faced the most formidable medical issues. Newman has chronic gastrointestinal issues, as well as a liver shunt. We treat him with a liver support supplement, antiviral medication, steroids, and anti-nausea medication.

But Newman’s fiercest battle has been against nasal lymphoma. Our brave boy has undergone chemotherapy and CyberKnife treatment for this cancer, and he’s come out singing.

Newman is currently cancer-free and carefree, and he receives frequent rechecks with Tabby’s Place’s veterinary team. Especially as he proceeds through his golden years, Newman will need the very best care — and, as his sponsor, you’ll help to make it all possible.

You can’t come snuggle Newman in person (much as he’d love to love you!). But this is for the happiest possible reason: Newman is part of Tabby’s Place’s “Forever Foster” program. That means he lives full-time in a loving home with one of our volunteers, but continues to receive all of his medical care at Tabby’s Place. It’s the best of both worlds: Newman receives the world-class care he needs, regardless of cost, while delighting in the love of a home and family.

It’s a love-filled life for a formerly last-chance cat, and it’s only possible thanks to people like you. Will you please sponsor this sunshine boy?