No one would guess that Hillary is 18 years old. But, she is one frisky senior citizen.Hillary is a funny kitty who graces the staff and volunteers with her presence each day as a resident of the Community Room.While she’s chronically fearful of feline roommates Franny and Sammie, Hillary relishes human attention and affection with great gusto.

She will leap great lengths and race from desk to desk to avoid walking across the floor (Sammie and Franny’s territory), dazzling everyone with her agility and kittenlike playfulness. Whether luxuriating in a staffer’s lap, curled in her basket (high above the “dangerous” floor, of course!) or purring as our vet tech cleans her ears (yes, purring!), Hillary is truly a treasure. Collecting an astonishing amount of her soft fur in one’s computer keyboard is a small price to pay for getting to enjoy her sweet company each day at work.Hillary1.jpgWhile Hillary is in excellent health for her age, she does have mild hypertension (high blood pressure). Like many humans with this condition, she is treated with daily medication, in pill form.Some of our cats dislike pills to the point of becoming near-hysterical when it’s medicine time, but Hillary responds to the daily pilling with purrs of serenity. She just loves the attention (and, as our vet tech notes, probably knows that the hand that brings the pill is also the hand that feeds her). Hillary2.jpg

A cat with Hillary’s energy and charm has hope for adoption despite her advanced age and mild hypertension. However, given her age, it is possible that she may develop further medical issues (though we certainly hope not!). Your generous monthly sponsorship of Hillary will help us to provide this feisty, fabulous senior with all the care she needs.