Tabby's Place

Dear Rose Marie,

Carolyn George has donated the Mom & Kittens Virtual Gift Basket to Tabby’s Place in your honor!

Carolyn’s gift is nurturing mama cats and their little ones in your name. Your gift is providing life-saving medical care, nourishing food, and oodles of love for these moms and babies.

You can learn more about what your special gift will do for the cats here.

And, here is Carolyn’s personal message to you:

Happy Easter, Rosie & EdI found this beautiful kitty sanctuary and I saw they do virtual gift baskets. What a paw- sitively paw-some purr-fect idea. I chose the Mom & Kitten basket.Mega kitty hugs, Carolyn and Fur Kitties

All of us – feline and otherwise – are grateful you’re part of our Tabby’s Place family. We hope you enjoy your gift!

The Cats and Humans of Tabby’s Place


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