Special Need: FIV+

Shea Shea's courage could fill a stadium.

Injured by another cat's brutal bite, the soft grey cat stumbled lonely through a New York neighborhood. Shea only survived thanks to two compassionate women who were committed to his care.

Although Shea was shy, his rescuers knew the outdoor life was not his lot. In addition to his injuries, somewhere along the way Shea had become infected with FIV, or feline immunodeficiency virus.

A non-fatal but incurable condition, FIV disables a cat's white blood cells, making him more vulnerable to infections. FIV+ cats can live long, happy lives. (One FIV+ Tabby's Place resident reached the ripe old age of 22.) But, in the eyes of some veterinarians - and most public shelters - a positive FIV test is often a death sentence. Shea needed a sanctuary that would see past his diagnosis - and his shy, steely exterior.

And so, Tabby's Place became Shea's stadium of sweetness.


Having lived his whole life outdoors, Shea is still making sense of human attention. He's still far more content in the company of fellow felines, and his greatest delight is basking in the sunshine beside friends like Cisco and Mona in the FIV+ solarium. We're giving Shea all the time he needs to learn to trust.

But we're already glimpsing great gentleness within this courageous cat. Beneath his serious expression and steel-grey coat, stoic Shea has a lifetime of stories ... and a lifelong need for love. Day by day, Shea is looking to us with greater trust, curiosity, and courage.

Like the wonderful women who first saved his life in New York, there are adopters out there with hearts for shy Special Needs cats like Shea. But, we know such folks are rare gems. In the meantime, we're honored and happy to nurture Shea at Tabby's Place.

You can help show him the love he deserves as his faithful monthly sponsor - a sparkling gem in your own right. Please join Shea's triumphant team today.

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