Special Need: paraplegia

June Not so long ago, June was totally feral and lived outside, near a school. One fateful day, June was hit by a car. The driver kept going, but one of the teachers in the school saw June and rescued her from the street. She took June to the principal's office and asked for help. But, since the principal had never dealt with this sort of problem before, he did not know what to do. After a series of fortunate events, June came to Tabby's Place. Little June is the epitome of what Tabby's Place is all about: terrified, critically injured, and paralyzed for life, June would need a sanctuary like no other.

To make matters sadder, June was lactating, meaning she had kittens somewhere. People searched, but could not find the kittens anywhere. In the meantime, June was nurtured at Tabby's Place. She would never walk again, but Tabby's Place has taken in so many paralyzed kitties that the staff knew just what to do and how to care for June.


Over a series of weeks, June began to trust the staff. While she learned to love the tender human touches and pets from everyone, she came to love indoor life. June was soon spayed and, of course, brought up to date on all vaccinations.

Because June is paralyzed and needs to have her bladder expressed by hand three times a day, her chances of being adopted are slim. She is a high maintenance kitty who is not able to jump into your lap for pets or to run around and play. But, she does love her wand toys, and she's able to pull herself around on her front legs.

Please consider being June's sponsor. In addition to needing to have her bladder expressed, she is prone to urinary tract infections and other health issues, for which she requires costly ongoing care.

When you sponsor this little ball of fur, you'll help June continue to get the best treatment possible. June lost her ability to walk, and she lost her precious kittens as well. Your generosity will help Tabby's Place to make it all up to this beautiful kitty.

Sponsor June(or, see all of our Special Needs Cats)
other monthly amount (minimum $14)

$15/month provides antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections, to June is prone

$32/month provides two hours of staff time to gently express June's bladder

$70/month pays for one hour of world-class veterinary care for June

Any amount will help our Special Needs cats